Sunday, 15 July 2007

Green Thumb Sunday 14th July

Sorry I am late for Green Thumb Sunday this week...

I FINALLY managed to cut my lawn; it was actually dry for most of Saturday with a bit of a breeze and I didn't tear the grass to shreds too badly. It's nice to see it looking like a lawn again and not a meadow. This pink plant is doing well in my borders; I've forgotten what it's called :(
Another unknown plant fills my old Belfast sink. I love the tiny and delicate white flowers it produces.
The Rose of Sharon is cut back HARD each year but it never bears grudges and keeps on glowering!I always remember how my mum was laid up for a month trying to dig up a Rose of sharon bush she no longer wanted! It taught me that these plants fight back!
I liked the way the sunlight was playing through the leaves of some of my grasses.
The herbs are doing better for a cutback but I think my mint has had it! I stuffed a big handful of herbs up my chicken's bottom before roasting it along with a lemon...mmm, smelt delicious!!

We have lots of tiny frogs in the rockery! Smaller than my little finger nail but so perfect. I love them!

This will be my last post before (hopefully) going away; it will be mid-August before I'm back. Take care and happy gardening!


talj said...

Leaving me, how dare you!? :o(

Lovely photos Julie...I had a feeling the mint wouldn't last :o( Glad you got to use some of your herbs! I hope you have a kind neighbour coming to water all your lovely plants?! :o)

{{HUGS}} and lots of love xxx

RUTH said...

Think your pink leafed plant maybe some sort of Berberis and the little flower a Saxifrage. Shame a bout the mint; are you sure it wont come back if you cut it back again...or sometimes it dies out in the middle and if you repot just the outside portions it's OK. That chicken sounds yummy BTW.
Holiday {{HUGS}}

bs said...

you have tiny frogs? are they cricket frogs? i used to see them all the time in the creek by the house where i grew up! i miss those little guys!

kate said...

I hope you have a lovely trip. Your grasses are really beautiful.

Pankaj Gupta said...

hi ,how are you dear.
well these are really wonderful pics to enjoy.thnx for sharing.good day.bye.take care.


Our Rose of Sharon is not doing well...doesn't like all the heat that we have gotten. I am thinking of putting some fertilizer with them...I just have to find one that works well.

Nabeel said...

in the second picture .. to the left, there's another one blooming :)

Gretchen said...

Great photos.

Have a great time on your trip.