Sunday, 19 August 2007

Green Thumb Sunday 19th August

I came from holiday to discover the garden looking a bit the worse for wear, and this week has been wet so I've not had much of a chance to rectify things. So here are two pictures I took at the Sonoma County Fair; they had wonderful garden displays. I loved the baseball themed garden above and was also delighted to see this big stone artichoke - I ate my very first artichoke on my visit to California! Hope everyone has a happy gardening Sunday :)


RUTH said...

A great pair of photos. The first one makes me want to just pick up the ball and play catch! It has been miserable weather for getting into the garden :o( Doesn't stop the weeds growing though! Happy (and hopefully sunny) GTS

Genie said...

Hooray for baseball in the garden! I'm glad you got to enjoy your first artichoke -- aren't they delicious?

admin said...

I like the artichoke fountain. I like to see themed gardens. Thanks for sharing.
Sara from farmingfriends

No Rain said...

Isn't the Sonoma area the artichoke capital? The fountain is great, one way or another.