Sunday, 10 June 2007

Green Thumb Sunday June 10th

These two photos were taken on our visit to Grange; there were lovely borders planted along the promenade. I don't know what either of these are but I'd like some in my garden!

The acer is doing much better and is putting out new leaves. I have been given 4 tomato plants - someone brought a load into the library and begged us to give them a new home!! We divided them up between us. Oh dear, WHAT is my neighbour going to say when I go away?? I'll have to buy him a really special present in return for all the watering he's hopefully going to do for me!

Have a wonderful gardening Sunday folks!


RUTH said...

The first one looks like some sort of Thrift (Armeria)...the second is an Allium. I'm sure you'll find something nice for your neighbour..nice to have good neighbours.

Muum said...

hmm, thrift is a good guess on the first pic, the second.. no idea. Where in America are you coming?

Jean said...

The first pic is thrift. I posted some like it this week.

talj said...

Ruth has the second one in her garden as I have taken photos of it! Had I got here sooner I could have told you its name...see,Im a great gardener me ;o)

Lovely photos Julie :o)

admin said...

Your photos are fabulous.
Sara from farmingfriends