Sunday, 3 June 2007

Green Thumb Sunday June 3rd

In praise of aubretia...
I really love this cheerful little plant. I've never managed to make it grow as rampantly as other people seem to, but even my own modest show pleases me a lot.
last night we ate salad from the trough of mixed leaves Talj gave me. It tasted delicious!
The acer is looking better. There is another one in a garden around the corner which looks exactly like ours. I'm encouraged to see some new leaf growth pushing through.
This week I've done some weeding in the front garden. We really need to get some more plants for the acer corner. Oh deat, what hardship, ANOTHER trip to the garden centre....poor me!
Have a wonderful gardening Sunday everyone!

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talj said...

Very pretty ickle flowers and glad you managed to eat some of the cat pee leaves I grew for you ;o)

{{{HUGS}}} love you xxx

RUTH said...

Another trip to the Garden sad...LOL Don't be afraid to cut your Aubretia hard back when it's finished flowering; it'll look sad for a while but a nice feed and water and it will soon bulk up. Glad the acer is looking better.
Happy GTS

Jean said...

Great color! Love it!

Faye Pekas said...

Beautiful and delicate flower. I'll pass on the cat pee salad though :)

RUTH said...

Hi; jsut to let you know coffee grounds will be perfect for your acer...they like a little acid and I often mulch mine with ericaceous compost or cocoa will be equally as good.

Ladyseashells said...

What a pretty Aubretia you have. It's new to me so thanks for introducing. Maybe I'll pick up some next time i go to the garden center.

Gledwood said...

I love those flowers. The colour is amazing!!