Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Pot lady

I bought this little person when at a garden centre in Leeds with T. I thought it was a male person but T said definitely female and that she looked like me; I cannot really see the resemblance at all...

Below are the grasses now planted in their pots....

I love my big glazed ceramic ball (behind the pots). I keep meaning to get another one.


talj said...

LOL I can't help but laugh at the pot lady...sorry Julie but...well... ;o)

The grasses look excellent and I love the big blue ball...very me :o) I have been busy 'potting' today and am looking forward to seeing some progress from my new 'stuff' before The end of the month!

Love you xxxx

RUTH said...

Ermmmm; not wishing to go into details but I think it must be a lady, a man one may have a little something extra...LOL
Love the grasses