Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Gardening as therapy

I had a little drive out to B&Q today and bought some compost and a few plants for the garden. I got several different grasses, some thyme and a single tray of geraniums as I'm really NOT going to be able to go to town on bedding plants this year due to the US trip. I was tempted by some seeds as Talj is doing so well with hers but again I'm not sure I will be able to see them through to maturity! I also got some liquid feed and water retaining granules for the pots then had a pleasant time potting my new aquisitions and deciding where they should go.
Before our friends came over from the US to visit us in 2005 I bought a couple of these white planters. One is outside the back door and I use this one as an attempt to conceal the two wheely bins (garden rubbish and household rubbish) that live outside the back gate. I grew trailing nasturtiums in this that first year and they looked fantastic!

Our front door. Again for the visit from our US friends I bought two beautiful tall dark blue glazed pots and planted them. A couple of weeks later, I drove my car into the drive...just a bit too far! There was a loud crack and my beautiful pot fell apart!! A few days later, parking my car on the other side of the drive, I neglected to put on my handbrake properly and the OTHER pot bit the dust. The remains can now be seen in my compost corner partially buried in the ground where I can at least still appreciate their lovely colour. I replaced them with cheapo but less fragile brown plastic pots :(

The brass plaque on the wall to the right of the door reads "Beware of the cat".


talj said...

Oh Julie! I promise I am trying really hard not to laugh about your blue pots out the front ;o) All your pictures look nice, the pots out the front look lovely and the green is nice against the blue of the door...I like them :o) I hope you had fun with your pots and I promise you can have some of my basil soon :o)

Love you xxxx

RUTH said...

Oh those poor plants in the pots!!! Sounds like you had a good B&Q shop; went to the garden centre myself and bought loads of to make the most of having a car around. Was VERY good and didn't get tempted by any more wasn't easy though!!!