Friday, 6 April 2007

Getting started....

Busy Good Friday...
About half way through the day I took this photo of the mess I'd created in the back garden. There were heaps of clippings everywhere. I'd pruned several shrubs quite severely as well as cutting back loads of vinca which was over-hanging the rockery. It's so vigorous and I quite like it but you can have too much of a good thing!!
I gave P the task of getting rid of a huge cotoneaster in the front garden. He wasn't pleased as he still remembers the effort it took getting rid of the same shrub in the back garden a few years ago. But he fought bravely and WON.

The hedge cutter did a great job on my hawthorn hedge in the back garden on Wednesday - he cut back most of the overhang and took off just a few feet in height so we still get lots of privacy.

As we are going to America for three weeks in the summer I won't be planting up my usual pots, troughs etc with bedding plants as I can't ask my kind neighbour to water them for three weeks - it's too much! I thought today I might plant some of my pots with ornamental grasses that will look nice but won't need the intensive daily watering that the bedding plants would need. I think I might also spend some of my cash on some more garden ornaments as I'll be saving on plants.

I feel we've got a lot done today so i'm off for a shower!


talj said...

Looks like you got lots you just leave the mess for the garden fairies to tidy up? ;o) Am looking forward to seeing what ornaments you pick next! I see the pot 'lady' hasn't made an appearence yet...I'm not surprised! ;o)

Hope you enjoy your weekend {{{HUGS}}} xxx

RUTH said...

A great days work. Good thinking about the grasses as you'll be away. Hope you had a good weekend.