Saturday, 31 March 2007

A view of my the back garden.

It was really too bright for good photos but I wanted to show the garden in sunlight after the snowy pictures. This set of photos will show how the garden looks at the end of March and I'll try to keep the blog updated as things change and grow over the ensuing months.

There's Shea near the compost bin. I love my compost bin but whichever design I've tried it's always proved almost impossible to actually get the compost OUT of it easily. It's full of worms which I think is a good sign...the brownish plant at the front of the picture is southernwood, which my parents called "Old Man". We had a clump growing by the front door in the house where I grew up and when I smell it I'm transported back to my childhood.

This plant is growing beautifully in our pond but I can't for the life of me remember what it is! Can anybody help? The frogs love it and hide away in its foliage. You often see a little face peeping out at you!

This is one of my favourite plants growing on the deck just under the kitchen window. It cost quite a lot but it's well worth it. It has bright red flowers that look like bottle brushes. You can see I've not yet uncovered the patio table although i think if the weather's good this Easter weekend it will be time to do so.

This is a view of the side of the deck.In the big glazed pot is my mini-pond which grows water plants pretty successfully. I have lilies in the two matching deep blue pots although the past couple of years they've fallen victim to lily beetle! I've also some ivy and an ornamental grass in a couple of other pots.

This is a Belfast sink that was left behind by the previous owners. I've tried to grow all sorts in here but most things have failed except this prolific little thing that has a mass of white flowers in Spring. You can also see a little statue I picked up while shopping for garden stuff with T in Leeds. i think T actually paid for it so thanks, sweetie!

Well, that's how the garden looks at the moment.


talj said...

You see, snow all ploughed away! I forgot to get you some chocolate so you can call the statue your easter present...that and watching me eat Creme Eggs ;o) I like your garden Julie, you have a lot growing that at first glance the viewer could miss so much! Hope you get the furniture uncovered...have fond memories of cheating at snakes and ladders (thats YOU cheating) on your deck :o)

RUTH said...

Looking forward to seing your garden evolve as the year progresses. The yellow flowered plant is Celandine.