Saturday, 14 April 2007

A bush for Ollie....

Buttons' bush
Buttons was one of the first cats we ever owned. We got him just before Tiggy right after we were married. He was a lovely black and white moggie. Buttons had lots of funny habits and was especially fond of hiding in boxes. He was never a healthy cat, regularily getting viruses etc and one day he got one from which he did not recover. He was eight. We buried him in the garden and planted this handsome bush on top of him! as you can see it is growing really well and Phil is going to have to cut it back a bit as washing gets caught up on it now!

Phil buried Ollie here on Monday. I had already trimmed the overhanging bush back on Good Friday. I need a plant that is not tall, doesn't mind a bit of shade and that is quite wide, as a bush for Ollie. Any ideas? I have also seen some little sleeping cat statues that I would like for him.

The day looks set to be beautiful and I have to go to work :(


RUTH said...

Hi Julie
I love "Buttons" bush. How about a Skimmia if you don't already have one. It's evergreen and has good all year round interest. Here's a link if you don't know the shrub.

CG said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Ruth :) xx

A wildlife gardener said...

It's very sad when we lose our beloved pets. We buried our darling cat, called Amber because of the colour of his amber eyes, but known affectionately as Baby, two years ago now, but I still think of him and his sweet sunny spite of having five more cats (two of our own, Jaffa and Monster, and three who have adopted us and live in our barn, though their owner lives nearby). I planted forget-me-nots over his grave, as he was such an unforgettable treasure of a cat.