Monday, 16 April 2007

More parts of the garden

This is my second white planter, with my lucky Chinese cat standing guard. As well as the conifer and some ivy, I have honeysuckle growing up bamboo poles at the back. It smells lovely when the back door is open during summer evenings.

I really like the acid green of these conifers so there's another one the other side of the back door. My small collection of herbs (chives, mint, thyme, curry plant, sage) grows here too, where they are easily accessible, although the big bay tree, more sage, santolina and rosemary are by the back gate.

I liked the way the sun shone through the Yucca leaves. I can just see the blue flowers of the vinca beyond, and the hawthorne hedge just starting to leaf. When it's fully in leaf you can't see the houses behind us.


talj said...

Busy, busy, busy! Your garden always looked so lovely Julie and I am sure the same will apply this year :o) xx

A wildlife gardener said...

It's so important to have perfumed or aromatic plants near where we sit in the garden, or where we brush past them. I like your lucky Chinese cat too.

RUTH said...

What a wonderful collection of herbs...and I bet that honeysuckle smells so sweet. I like your Chinese cat.

Jeanette said...

your Garden and pot plants look lovely I like your flower pot lady. ill be back to read more,

RUTH said...

Re your comment on my blog; Tulip bulbs (unlike other spring flowering bulbs)can be planted in late autumn or even early winter without adversely affecting the flowering for the following season. It is said they would rather be planted too late than too early.