Wednesday, 28 May 2008

A very wet week in May

After the glorious sunshine we had earlier in the month, my week off is proving to be a real wash-out. I'm consoling myself with the thought that all the rain is great for the garden :) ANd certainly everything seems to be thriving. In a gap between downpours today I ventured out into the garden with the camera.

My honeysuckle which died suddenly last year has made a recovery - see below.The alliums I planted in pots on the back deck are absolutely beautiful. I am already planning on planting more alliums next year; I am in love with these spectacular plants.

A close up...I have some of the more compact ones in the front garden.

I have six tomato plants in growbags, my salad leaves are already starting to sprout and I have also planted some dwarf broad beans. I need to get some dwarf runner beans too.


Digital Flower Pictures said...

Nice shot of the Alliums. It is a plant I have never gotten a good picture of.

Teresa said...

It's amazing how vigorous Honeysuckle can be! Photos of raindrops on petals and leaves are always refreshing.