Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Green Thumb Sunday 2nd September

After tearing the garden apart it was time for some replanting. I have changed the plants in my window box - the dwarf conifer in there was starting to shut out light from the kitchen window. In the box now is a viola, some aubretia, an ornamental grass and a hebe.

I planted this row of pots with some more grasses and a conifer and they will go down the bottom of the garden near the compost bin. They are replacing the half-dead Southernwood I dug out last week. The pots and the window box are underplanted with dwarf tulips. I've also bought some alium bulbs but haven't planted them yet. I'm quite excited as this is my first foray into bulb planting and I also plan to get some agapanthus, more tulips and more alliums. I'm going to replace my non-flowering lilies with agapanthus as I no longer want lilies growing in the garden as the pollen is poisonous to cats.
Some time ago I photographed a plaque which my friend A from California had given me as a gift. On my recent visit to Petaluma I was able to pop into the shop where it came from (Tuscan Gardens) and picked up these two little creatures which now sit on my patio table.

I was given these tomato plants by a library customer and when I saw the colour of the fruits I thought I'd done something wrong as they refused to go red! Luckily some one told me they are a YELLOW variety and very, very tasty. These toms are actually better cooked and I grilled some earlier this week...very delicious flavour!

Hope everyone has a wonderful gardening Sunday! I am just off to brunch with my friend :)


TopVeg said...

Lovely tomatoes - I wonder what the variety is??

Claire said...

Don't worry i will be pestering Ruth to death about the allotment :)

I think you did some excellent replanting.

I had some lovely yellow tomatoes in a tomato salad, very nice.

Hopefully i will be growing my own next year.

maiylah said...

the tomatoes looks great! haven't tasted them yet, but i'm sure they taste good! :)

No Rain said...

I'm going to try bulbs this year, the first I've done in 20 years. It's so much fun trying to choose which ones. I need to do that soon!
Seems like yellow tomatoes always taste better cooked.

RUTH said...

Wow Julie I love your pots with the grasses; they will look fabulous with tulips in the Spring. Your butterfly and ladybird ornaments are delightful. I bet those tomatoes will taste great roasted too. Happy GTS

admin said...

I love your two little creatures. Sara from farmingfriends

Dirty Knees said...

I grow an heirloom grape tomato that's yellow, called Ildi (originally developed in Sweden, I think). YUM! Most people think tomatoes should be red, but in the wilds of Latin America they come in many colours!

adam said...
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MrBrownThumb said...


I love the metal bugs, they look like antiques.

david mcmahon said...

G'day from Australia, CG,

I followed your link from Ruth's gardening blog. You and I have similar interests - photography, blogging and gardening.

Can't go wrong with those choices!



Easybreathingfella said...

I must get my missis to read your blogg. That's if I can get her out of the garden. she needs a few tip's on her tomatoes, they wont turn red either.

Nice blog, I'll pop in again shortly.