Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Is this the most beautiful spring EVER?

I can't get over how glorious the countryside and the gardens are looking. It's the most beautiful spring that I can remember! My smokebush (below) is fully out now and the leaves look beautiful against the blue sky.

I have noticed the indoor chives have sprouted whilst the outdoor ones have not!

We planted this rowan tree (below) when Kate was born. We planted a juniper underneath it which got a bit out of hand over the years. The rowan seemed to struggle the past few years. We just got rid of the juniper and the rowan seems much happier! We haven't had such lovely leaves for quite a few years!


RUTH said...

You're right it is a fabulous Spring. Great photos; our Rowan is just coming into leaf, we have a scented Montana clematis growing up into it.
Enjoy your garden

talj said...

This has really been my first spring...well gardening wise! I am already looking forward to sowing seeds for next year!! :o)