Sunday, 29 April 2007

Green Thumb Sunday comes early......

As I am away for the weekend from tonight I thought I'd better post my Sunday entry early!

This is a real first for my garden!

I was looking out the kitchen window this evening and I noticed something strange in my yucca (well, I think it's a yucca...)- what looks like a flower spike is developing! This is something quite out of the ordinary; it's never flowered before!
I have a small clump of bluebells next to the compost heap too. It's not a wood but i like it all the same.

Happy gardening everyone :)


RUTH said...

Your Yucca is going to look fantastic....shall look forward to the in bloom photo.

Genie said...

Can't wait to see what the yucca bloom looks like when it opens up. And those bluebells are lovely, too. Happy GTS!

ACey said...

how exciting! I always get a special thrill when a plant flowers for the first time.

Michelle said...

Hi there! My first GTS participation. Yes, yucca do in fact bloom. Mine are blooming right now. You will be so pleasantly surprised! They're so very nice in bloom! Your blue bells are lovely, too! Thanks! :)