Sunday, 27 May 2007

Green Thumb Sunday May 27th

I'm absolutely thrilled with my flowering yucca. It looks so beautiful i can't help admiring it every time I go outside or look out of the windows. Especially when the light catches it in a certain way!

My chives are also flowering. I know I should remove the seed heads but they are so pretty. The garlic chives are coming up well but are not really photogenic right now.

I have a challenge for me name my new gnome! I bought him on my trip to Leeds to visit Talj. I liked him because he's reading book and I'm a librarian. I'd love a really suitable name for him so I thought I'd ask for ideas.

Talj gave me a container of salad leaves she has grown but has no room for plus a sage plant in a beautiful blue pot. I'm looking forward to eating home grown salad! Do you pick the leaves by hand or cut them with scissors? And will they grow up again? (I've never grown salad before!)
Hope everyone has a happy gardening day. Forecast here is for wind and rain so I doubt I'll be able to get outside much :(


Christa said...

Cute gnome! How's about Linnaeus for a name? The gnome is perhaps checking his catalog of plant names?? OK, that's the best I can do. :-)

Your lettuces and sage look great. I usually just pluck the outer leaves of my lettuces and the inner leaves will grow back.

RUTH said...

Oh I Christa's name idea and I just pluck my leaves by hand. Your Yucca is fabulous. We've had a small one in the front garden (one of Mick's mates was going to dump it)for a few years and I think I spy the first flower bud ever on its way...I'm really thrilled. It has tipped down all day here and we have frost!!! forecast for tomorrow night.

Jean said...

I've never seen a Yucca flower like that. Looks very interesting1

Wicked Gardener said...

I was thinking Mendel, but looking at him, all I see is Bernie.

(Bernie the Bookworm?)

talj said...

I think I'd keep the flowery bits on the chives too, very pretty. Your gnome looks happy in his new home and good to see the salad leaves and sage made it back ok :o)