Friday, 25 May 2007

Duck and basil

Basil from Talj
Talj grew this basil from seed for me and she's decided he is old enough to leave home and move to Helsby.I hope he settles down here ok and is happy being at ground level instead of viewing the world from his 6th floor balcony!

Talj and I went to B&Q for some ivy and fuschias and while we were there I spotted this sad little face peeping out at me...couldn't resist him so now he's sitting on my deck!

The acer is infested with greenfly which may be why it's not been looking too happy. Have sprayed it so fingers crossed...


talj said...

What about all your other new garden bits?!

Am glad you got Basil back safely...I hope he settles down too :o) He needs to spread his 'wings' a little I think, just tell him it's not all about the height ;o)

Have seen a very similar looking face to the ducks here in Leeds :o( Love you Julie xxx

RUTH said...

T won't have to worry about "ground" frost on her balcony. We are forecast 5c on Monday night!Hoping for a garden centre visit myself tomorrow. Love the duck..he's a cutie.