Wednesday, 15 July 2009

July 15th

The vegetable patch has come on quite a bit since last month. I am quite impressed with the sweetcorn and pleasantly surprised that the cabbages (see below!) are doing well, as is the rhubarb. The broadbeans are so far as disappointing as they were last year!

Here is one of my little pots on the patio; brilliant red geraniums are my favourites! They remind me of Austria where every balcony has window boxes full of red geraniums.

The runner bean wigwam is spectacular; I've just pinched off the tip as it had reached the top of the poles. Next to it the tomatoes are also coming on nicely.

This is the seating area just outside my back door. i like seeing this every time I open the door to go into the garden.

I recently emptied this planter (I have one either side of the back door) and replanted it with this dwarf verbena and some geraniums and lavender.)

Here is one of my courgettes!

I have been busy attacking (I mean PRUNING!) bushes today and am covered in scratches; plus I have greenfly in my bra!


Scriptor Senex said...

I think the last bit was too much information! But 'Wow' to the rest. That's a really impressive show and so early. I'm away from home so I haven't a clue what is happening in my garden but I doubt anything has done that well as yet.

Beth said...

Wow...Cabbage and flowers looks wonderful. You seems to be a garden art lover. I like your blog very much. Beth