Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Garden update - late August!

My blue agapanthus was lost in the front garden so I moved it to a pot.

The whites have been in pots all along and are doing much better! Wonder if they prefer pot life?

I am regularily getting delicious tomatoes from the garden. The runner beans are doing well but the broad beans were a disaster.

I bought this in Tesco but forgot what it was called! It's really spectacular, about 4' tall. Any ideas what it is?

Our water lily is doing really well! This is the third lovely bloom it has produced.


Rosemary said...


RUTH said...

Doing a very quick catch up.It looks like a hollyhock to me

Subhanjan said...

I feel amused at the different tastes and hobbies of different people. I often visit a blog of a woman who goes around looking for people reading books. Here I have you as a garden enthusiast. Such personal hobbies and tastes bring a lot of joy and colour to life. I am happy to see your blog. Love more trees and be more happy. That is what I wish for you.

Mickymar said...

Thank you for sharing your garden, as for the pink blooms.. I dont think they are holly hocks, as they open and you can see inside. BUT then I am not a gardenist. Again thank you for sharing your garden.

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