Wednesday, 19 March 2008

First lawn cut of the year...

Although wintry showers and temperatures on -8C are forecasted for Easter, today was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine. It was good to get outside and give the lawn its first cut of 2008.
I was happy to see Button's Bush is loaded with its colourful spring berries. Buttons was one of our cats and this bush marks his grave so I'm always cheered to see it thriving.

The anenome blanda are looking great; I really like these little flowers. The dwarf tulips have defied the slugs and are growing well.
The frogs are behaving oddly; they are depositing frogspawn on the gravel or the path beside the pond as well as in it. I don't know why....! I put it in the pond if I see it in time but it's really weird that they are doing this!

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worldwide1 said...

Beautiful flowers.